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Helping Richmond Since 2013

James River MFR LogoJames River MFR (myofascial release) exclusively practices authentic MFR, as taught by John F. Barnes, PT. This is very important to know for anyone seeking authentic Myofascial Release. Barnes Myofascial Release is safe, gentle and consistently effective at producing results that last. 

Exculsive Experience with Myofascial Release
There are many massage therapists, physical therapists, chiropractors, yoga instructors, pilates instructors, or personal trainers in Richmond that say they practice Myofascial Release or some type of fascial therapy. What they are practicing is known as the old form of MFR, which tends to be too aggressive(forcing the barrier) and/or too quick(not sustained pressure), producing only temporary results. 
Learn what is real Myofascial Release here.

 James River MFR has a quiet, safe space to allow healing to happen!

Rob Crampton, LMT, and Owner

I graduated from Institute of MassagePic of Rob Crampton, LMT. Owner of James River Myofascial Release Therapies in Richmond, VA in May 2012. I'm a state licensed massage therapist in Richmond, VA. I have been practicing John F. Barnes Myofascial Release since 2013. I stay on top of my MFR training, taking courses every year. I was also a registered yoga instructor; teaching yoga since 2003 till 2012.

I was drawn to Barnes MFR initially b/c of its effectiveness. When I practiced massage, I had many clients that had various pains they'd ask for help with. Every time I'd see them, their issues would be back. We'd try different ways of addressing their pain but nothing would last longer than a few days at most.

After taking just my first class, MFR 1, my clients began to see long lasting change. We began to make progress and/or resolution in their specific issue. I noticed too how each client's mindbody was wrapped up in their tightness and/or pain. This work opened the door for them to realize themselves on a much deeper level. Since then I knew MFR was gonna be my main focus.

Myofascial Release has helped me become aware of my own fascial restrictions, from scars to poor posture to old injuries. It has opened me up as well to deeper mindbody awarenesses: stuck emotions I hadn't felt or was afraid too, areas in my body I was bracing from old traumas, belief systems that limited how I lived or saw the world. As my body became more open and fluid, I was able to move and function better in every possible way, both physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I am still living this journey diving deeper and deeper into myself.

I love yoga and still practice occasionally, but MFR has been the ticket to a much deeper awareness of self, joy, and life. It's on this whole other level I can't put into words. Very powerful.

My business name pays homage to the James River. I have been a whitewater raft guide on it since 2001. The James has been both a very generous and humbling teacher I continue to learn from. I currently guide with
Riverside Outfitters, an outstanding company that has a fun and safe time on the James!

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