James River Myofascial Release - Richmond, Virginia
Gentle, Hands On Therapy Releasing Pain and Tightness


This work is so subtle that it feels like not much is happening - until later! I noticed the positive effects of my session the next day, and they were sustained for a significant time thereafter. Rob is the real deal - compassionate, passionate about his calling, and sincere. - Evelyn

Just recommending Rob for any type of chronic pain issues and scar releases. He is caring, gentle and grounded. MFR is an important part of my journey in leaving tension headaches, aches and pains behind. Thank you Rob!!! - Laura

Myofascial release does wonders for the body, mind and spirit. Rob is extraordinarily skilled, gentle and totally tuned in to your body, mind and spirit when doing this work. Sign up for a package..you will be amazed at the rapid progress you make, and it's worth every dollar. - Jane

Three years ago I was T-Boned in an intersection and walked away with whiplash, a concussion and a rotated pelvis. In an instant I went from a weekly workout program totaling three hours of lifting weights (twenty-five pound dumbbells), two to three hours of yoga and four hours on an elliptical to a new routine of limited walking (due to involuntary swaying that was considered dangerous) and a couple of ten minute extremely painful senior chair yoga YouTube videos. One year later I was told by multiple physical therapists that I would not be able to curl my own hair again, let alone lift weights. I spent the first two years after my accident diligently working towards my “unrealistic” goals to regain my life and my personality (which had been lost due to depression from lack of movement and pain). Even though Tai Chi and Senior Chair Yoga were helping some, they weren’t getting me anywhere near my goal and they weren’t getting any less painful. I started seeing Rob at James River Myofascial Release for my neck injury about two and one half years after my accident when my Chiropractor told me I may be able to lift weights again if I were to start Massage Therapy. Well, I’d seen Rob earlier in the year for TMJ issues and he was able to resolve them, so I called Rob again for my neck. I’ve been going almost every week for nearly six months straight and I’ve accomplished so much---Rob has been consistently helping me reach my very realistic goal of becoming myself again!! When I walked through Rob’s door I was struggling to complete one, forty-five minute yoga class and one, one hour barre class per week. Three months after seeing Rob I was approved to start lifting weights again. After almost six months of treatment my weekly workout consists of two to three hours of yoga, two to three hours of weight lifting (eight pound dumbbells) and about one hour of cardio. Of all things I’ve ever bought for myself, these treatments were the best. - A. C.

Rob started me on my path towards healing, and I am so thankful for his gift. 2 years ago I had a mystery pain that throbbed from my lower pelvic area. Ruling out serious issues, I had seen 8 specialists (!!!) with numerous ultrasounds along with a CT scan and MRI. No one could "see" anything that would be causing my pain. We concluded it could have been a micro abdominal tear. Once I saw Rob, he was the only one who looked at my pain differently. I had been in pain everyday for 2 years until I saw Rob. He released my tight muscles, and  along with physical therapy I am now PAIN FREE. I was starting to feel depressed because my pain didn't let me do the things I loved to do like work out, or even hold my kids. I can do the things I enjoy and am SO grateful for Rob's healing modalities that set me on my path towards healing. Thank you! - Tera

Rob is thorough, insightful, passionate about myofascial release and its benefit and very talented.
Great experience! - Kate

If you have chronic pain, go see Rob. He'll unwind you! I've struggled with crazy chronic back pain from over a decade of work sitting at a desk and 6 years of a physically demanding profession. Through a series of sessions, we've been able to reduce my chronic pain by about 90%, and I'm almost to the point of maintenance. I've had A LOT of massage and bodywork over the years, and this style of MFR is by far the most effective form of bodywork I've ever received. It's well worth the investment in your health. - Michael

I have had a neck problem for over 40 years. The first significant help I have had was with Myofascial release. (I am a radiologist- my neck looks awful on MRI- I have been through physical therapy, steroid injections with a physiatrist, trigger point injections with an anesthesiologist turned pain management Dr.- none of these helped like myofascial release) - Bob

I had a couple of MFR sessions with Rob Crampton. He has helped me tremendously with healing my spine, ribs, hip, and leg after a bike accident a few months ago. I highly recommend him! - Elizabeth


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